Album Reviews:

The Top Songs Of 2011 You Wish You Heard (December 2011)

Warm Weather – Dances EP (October 2011)

Eternal Summers – Prisoner EP (September 2011)

Here We Go Magic – The January EP (August 2011)

Alexander – Alexander (July 2011)

Funeral Party – The Golden Age To Knowhere (June 2011)

Warm Weather – Dances EP (June 2011)

Meat Beat Manifesto – Answers Come In Dreams (May 2011)

The Young International – The Young International EP (May 2011)

Hank & Cupcakes – Hank & Cupcakes EP (April 2011)

Kids Of 88 – Sugarpills (April 2011)

Twitch The Ripper – Bodiless (February 2011)

The Top Songs Of 2010 You Wish You Heard (December 2010)

Twin Shadow – Forget (October 2010)

Universal You – Your Sin City (October 2010)

Four Tet – Angel Echoes Single (August 2010)

Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma (July 2010)

Ratatat – Lp4 (May 2010)

Theoretical Thoughts:

Poulenc – Self Quotation in Piano Concerto No. 1 and Piano Sonata for Two Pianos (August 2011)

Schubert And Chopin – Quotation In Piano Sonata And Nocturne (January 2011)

Poulenc – Self Quotation in Toccata and Improvisation (June 2010)

Placing Taste in Atonality – Confusion in the Ears of Western Music Listeners (June 2010)

Poulenc – Self Quotation and the Melodic Minor Scale (June 2010)

Scriabin – Prelude Theme and the “Scriabin Leap” (May 2010)

Music Therapy:

Can Music Be Used For The Treatment Of Bereaved Children? (November 2010)

Music Cognition:

What Can Infants Tell Us About Meter Perception? Evidence For Innate Perceptual Constraints (February 2012)

How Is Music Meter Represented In The Brain? (November 2011)

Looking At Rhythm In Music And Language: Are They Related? (October 2011)

Can Playing A Piano Influence Our Perception Of Pitch In Melodies? (September 2011)

Can Attentively Listening To Music Affect Certain Brain Responses? (July 2011)

Temporal Order Perception: Acquired Or Innate? (July 2011)

Absolute Pitch: Are There Differences Between Asia And North America? (June 2011)

Music Preferences: Can We Learn To Like The Unfamiliar? (June 2011)

Are Infants And Adults Able To Detect Changes In Meter? (May 2011)

Auditory Illusion: From Speech To Song (May 2011)

Are Infants Able To Discern Changes In Melodies? (March 2011)

Do Tempo And Pitch Modulation Elicit Emotional Responses In Music? (February 2011)

Do Children Use Mathematics To Notate Music? (February 2011)

Are There AEPs Related To Dissonance? (February 2011)

Are There Differences In Music Cognition Between Young And Old Adults? (Janurary 2011)

I Know This Song, But I Can’t Remember Its Name! (January 2011)

How Are The Lyrics And Tune Of A Song Processed? (December 2010)

Music Disorders: What Are They And What Can They Tell Us? (November 2010)

Is There A “Window Of Time” For The Development Of  Language And Music Abilities? (November 2010)

What Properties Of Music Pertain To Our Perception Of Beat? (November 2010)

How Do Children Notate Music And What Does It Tell Us? (November 2010)

Can Deaf Individual With Implants Perceive Music? (October 2010)

Is The Recognition Of Music In Emotion Related To Intelligence? (October 2010)

How And Where Do Children Listen To Music? (October 2010)

Is There A Critical Period For The Development Of Absolute Pitch? (October 2010)

Do School Band Programs Influence Our Aesthetic Appreciation? (October 2010)

Is There A Critical Period For The Development Of Rhythmic Perception? (September 2010)

Is Listening To Music Detrimental To Our Work Performance? (September 2010)

What Is “Groove?” (September 2010)

Can Music Help Us Learn? (September 2010)

What Can Speech Tell Us About Music And Emotion? (September 2010)

Musical Expertise: Is It Genetic Or Learned? (August 2010)

How Does Music Training Influence Our Perception Of And Focus Of Attention When Listening To Music? (August 2010)

How Fast Do We Recognize Music? (August 2010)

Learning To Listen And Listening To Learn: Why Listening Might Become The New Practice (July 2010)

Hey DJ, Turn Off My Favorite Song: Why Discotheques Are Becoming A Public Health Concern (July 2010)

My Parents Listen To Better Music Than Your Parents: How Our Parents Influence What Music We Like (July 2010)

What Type Of Music Do Infants Prefer? (June 2010)

Are There Differences In The Perception Of Vibrato? (June 2010)

What Can Music Tell Us About Depression? (June 2010)


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