13174152_889066022551_5649233876240326344_nCompositions (Selected Works):

Prelude No. 1: “Snowfall”

Inspired by early 20th century music, specifically Debussy and Poulenc, the drifting, meandering nature of this programmatic piece paints a scene of snowflakes settling on a cold winter evening.

Parker Tichko – Prelude No. 1 “Snowfall”(.pdf)

Prelude No. 2 “Lullaby”

Parker Tichko – Prelude No. 2 “Lullaby”(.pdf)

A short, lyrical piece reminiscent of Scriabin and Chopin.  Performer is Steven Kim, recording taken on August 11th 2011 in Las Vegas.

Nocturne in F# Minor (abridged version):

A tribute to the 19th century genre, Nocturne means “night-song” and is often associated with pensive and melancholic moods. Performer is Pianist Guy Urban, recording taken from a recital on May 6th 2010 at Wheaton College.

1 Movement For String Quartet (Winter) (Condensed)

The piece is a condensed movement, from an unfinished grander work revolving around the four seasons.  I was privileged enough to have the piece performed by the talented Aurea Ensemble at Wheaton College on May 6th 2011 along with several other pieces.

Synth-Pop / Instrumentals (Selected Works):

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