Hello, I’m Parker.

I’m an active composer, multi-instrumental musician, and developmental psychology researcher. I’m currently a doctorate candidate and NSF IGERT Fellow in UConn’s program in Language Plasticity. (To view my CV click here.) My research interests include infant music perception and cognition, experience-dependent auditory plasticity, and dynamic models of human cognition and development. More recently, I’ve become interested in dynamical and complex systems theory, embodied cognition, and machine / deep learning.

(source: http://www.lvrj.com/living/unlv-lab-studies-links-between-music-child-development-133318003.html)

For 2+ years, I was the lab manager for Dr. Erin E. Hannon’s  Auditory Cognition and Development Lab. In 2012, I authored a book about teaching music in the classroom with a popular DAW called Mixcraft. The book has proven to be a useful resource for music educators and is currently being distributed by Hal Leonard, the world’s leading publisher of sheet music. In 2014, I became the lead copywriter and content-creator for a top-five music technology and instrument company. Later that year, I joined the Husky Pup Language Lab at UConn and am currently advised by Drs. Heather Bortfeld and Erika Skoe.

Great thinkers who influenced me:

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