Warm Weather – Dances EP Review

6 Jun

photo: http://www.seanmurphyphoto.blogspot.com/

UPDATE: Please do not take this review seriously.

It is no coincidence that the premiere of June coincides with trio, Warm Weather’s, first release. The Dances EP  is an account of a year spent in the sunny and smog-filled city of Los Angeles, the current home and playground of Justin Lerman, Brendan Lynch-Salamon, and Ryan Pollie. The EP’s five tracks are covered in sand — they are gritty and lo-fi but biting and eventful. The EP-opener, “The Dance,” is narrative of losing perspective and perhaps of losing a close friend. A soft ballad erupts into euphoric shouts as the band members beg to “stand!” “Fall Through” digs deep into earthy tones. Banjo plucks and chromatic slurs add a country zest to their rock approach, much like the ballads of The Eagles or Hall & Oates‘ fusion of R&B and rock. “I Only Know” tickles our soft side as the delicate yet rhetorical question, “why don’t you tell me when I’m gone?” washes over us again and again.

The EP’s future single, “So Far/ Vertigo,” a title recycled from U2’s 2004 smash hit, is an unabashed testimony to lead singer Ryan Pollie’s self-confessed Bono obsession: “Bono’s music has done to the world, what Advil has done to countless hangovers – relieved unnecessary pain and suffering.”  And while many listeners will muster sensible comparisons to Vampire Weekend, I believe Warm Weather should also not be considered seriously.  After all, the name “Warm Weather” can only evoke images of playfulness, empty agendas, and a large pitcher of tart-and-slightly-sweet lemonade. These impressions are certainly embedded in the trio’s songwriting. The lyrics often reflect intimate confessions of a vicarious youth – a blueprint on how to be young again: “I fight my way through the crowd \ to spend my days in the ocean \ and when I’m deep in the sound \ I don’t feel like I’m older.” Certainly at the ocean Warm Weather arrives, as the vocal interplay during the three-part round in “I Only Know” or during the three-part harmony of “The Dance,” is reminiscent of veteran beach bums, The Beach Boys.

Now, these comparisons serve not as criticism to pin the sound of Warm Weather but rather as acknowledgment that these beach pals are doing the right things. Warm Weather is a conflation of our favorite summer moments, ripe with nostalgia, yet refined with age. Grab your beach umbrellas because the weather is about to get warm — scratch that, it’s hot, and this is the indefinite summer.

– Parker Tichko

Snag their EP for FREE here.


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